Give Dated Furniture a New Life with Refinishing

You may remember me sharing Before and After photos of our home renovations last Fall. In addition to having our kitchen cabinets painted white, we also had the hardwood floors on our Main Level refinished. These two projects gave our entire home a facelift. While it was exciting to have our home feel like new, it had a bit of a domino effect on our decorating and color palette.

We had removed the “warm” mid-toned orangey-brown color from our floors and replaced it with a much “cooler” brown-gray tone. Therefore, our large rectangular kitchen table, which had the same tone as our former floors, looked ridiculously out of place, as we knew it would.

We toyed with moving our Dining Room table into the Kitchen (the match was great), but then what would we put in our Dining Room? Getting a new kitchen table was an option, of course, but that would be pricey and the wait could be months, with current supply chain challenges slowing down just about everything these days.

A local company offered just what we were looking for.

So we talked about whether we could refinish our current kitchen table and chairs. We’re not big DIY’ers, nor did we have a lot of extra time on our hands, so my husband began searching online and ended up finding a great company in Manassas. It’s called A Quality Finish, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. It’s family owned and run, and they specialize in restoration of furniture after fire and water damage. They also do refinishing work, like with our table, as well as custom woodworking. 


The process was smooth and the price was fair.

It was a pleasure working with them, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. While not cheap, it was less expensive than getting a new table. They picked up the furniture from our home, and then we scheduled an in-person consultation. It was a lot of fun to go into their shop to discuss and test out colors. They had stripped one of the leaves of the table prior to our arriving, and we did our best to direct them on the color of stain we were aiming for (to match the brown-gray tone of our refinished floors). Although it’s a little hard to see from the lighting in the photo above, the end result was perfect. The top of the table and seats of the chairs were stained the same color as the floor, and the legs of the table and legs and backs of the chairs were painted a very light grayish-white. 

We’re even thinking of getting A Quality Finish to refinish our bedroom furniture for an updated look. You can reach them at 703-335-2085. Mention I referred you…I like great companies like this to know how much we liked working with them!

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