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Bringing Clean Living to Loudoun Homeowners

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Karen and I recently had the opportunity to meet with two passionate representatives of an amazing organization called Change Loudoun. They’re dedicated to educating Loudoun homeowners about how they can transform their homes and families’ lives by easily adding clean living technology to their home. Often people are under the impression that clean energy, clean water, and air filtration are prohibitively expensive or that the technology is not accessible to the average homeowner. Dr. Mary Haberl and Pat Cassidy dispelled that notion for Karen and I. They, along with their partners Mike Cassidy and Ryan Ballard, have created The Change Loudoun Project to not just educate, but actually provide an turn-key healthy home system that homeowners can have installed…and pay for over time for less than $200 a month!

We are assaulted by environmental and chemical toxins every day

What inspired this team were Mike Cassidy’s debilitating health issues many years ago when he managed the family farm with his brother Pat. Mike’s dozens of doctors’ visits prompted his life changing research into the cause of his health issues. It ended up leading him down the path of discovery about the harmful effects of the chemicals being used on their farm. Like pulling a thread from a blanket, once you pull one, it leads to many others. Their research uncovered the toxic effects of everyday household chemicals, contaminants in our water supply, and harmful effects of bottled water. It also opened his eyes about the environmental effects of disposable water bottles and ways to harness clean energy to power electric and hybrid cars and homes.

The Change Loudoun team is well-informed by solid research and experience. When Pat and Mike began making changes on their own farm, their health dramatically improved. This team is passionate about making healthy living achievable to Loudoun homeowners, and they have a humble and very attainable goal of impacting just 1% of Loudoun homeowners…at least to start!

How you can learn more…

How have they set out to do this? First, by offering educational workshops every Tuesday at 11 AM held at the GMU Enterprise Center in Leesburg (202 Church Street, Room #201).

Second, they created the aforementioned healthy home package that Loudoun homeowners can have installed in their homes for under $200 per month. Included in this package is:

  • 20 Panel roof top solar system – enough to power your home and significantly reduce your electric costs
  • Emergency home power battery back-up – you’re off the grid and ready for any storm
  • Electric vehicle charging station powered by the solar panels
  • Indoor air and surface sanitation and purification system
  • Electrolyzed reduced water system for endless healthy drinking, cleaning and bathing water

Benefits to your health and savings to your pocketbook

The benefits to the health and well-being of your family are endless, but there are monetary savings benefits as well. For example, a family of four that drinks the recommended daily amount of water can save up to $5,760 per year or $86,400 over 15 years by filling sustainable containers with their filtered water. Imagine having an extra $86,400 to divert to savings, college funds, vacations and saving the environment too just from doing away with plastic bottles? That is just the savings from the water filtration system! And it means your family alone would be keeping 86,400 plastic bottles out of a landfill over the course of 15 years.

There’s a lot to unpack with this program — too much for this blog post — so we’d like to invite you to check out this program at or on Facebook. Better yet, come to one of their free Tuesday sessions.

Additionally, since Karen and I are dedicated to helping our clients achieve healthier living and energy savings, we are offering our own incentives for this package. We will be hosting an information session at fun venues this winter so keep a lookout on our blog and social media for those events. In the meantime, you can also reach out to us about an incentive we’re offering our clients.

Here’s to healthy, happy, vibrant Virginia living!

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