The Many Reasons to Use a Realtor® When Buying New Construction

If buying new construction is on your radar, be sure to give me a call. There are numerous reasons to use a Realtor® when buying new construction. While most people DO have a Realtor® assist with this complex process, some think they can handle it on their own. Looking back, I wish my husband and I had known to use a Realtor® when we purchased our own home 20 years ago. It would have been great to have some guidance.

And there’s really no reason NOT to use a Realtor®, as you are not directly paying a commission. The Builder pays a commission or referral fee to the Realtor® for bringing them a ready, willing, and able buyer. It’s essentially their marketing cost, and the Builder is happy to pay it! It helps them to have a professional who can be the liaison between them and the Buyer. 


Here are some of the many things a Realtor® can help you with

  • FINDING the best communities: We are often notified of new communities even before they open a sales office and start booking appointments.
  • Representing YOUR interests: The sales agent is technically representing the Builder, not you. Doesn’t it pay to have an advocate representing YOU? 
  • Knowing what questions to ask: Even if you’ve built a home before, the climate has changed, so it’s important to anticipate issues (i.e. supply chain and labor issues have extended traditional timelines).
  • Negotiating and evaluating incentives and money toward closing costs that the Builder may be offering — and determining if using the Builder’s lender partner makes sense
  • Choosing a lot: There’s much to evaluate, from ingress/egress and lot grading to traffic and privacy. 
  • Assessing risk: Is your deposit held in escrow to protect you if the Builder were to go bankrupt?
  • Choosing options: There are some structural and design options that make more sense than others regarding ROI and future resale value. You’ll want help prioritizing based on your budget.
  • Finding the best inspector: You’ll typically have pre-drywall, pre-closing, and 11-month warranty inspections. 
  • Reviewing all lender and closing documents: There’s a lot of paperwork, and it’s always great to have another set of eyes!

Builders are starting to offer incentives again, and there are some amazing new communities here in northern Virginia. Call me to discuss your options at 703-585-3386 or email me at

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