What to Do With Dogs While Selling

We love dogs! But not everyone does. In this post we’ll explore how to sell and show your home successfully and not upset potential buyers and your canine companion.

This is Lucy. I love Lucy! Lucy is my beloved rescue Beabull (Beagle/Bulldog, yes, that’s a thing). She’s adorable, lovable and full of energy. Lucy LOVES people. But, not everyone loves Lucy. Lucy can be shy and timid with strangers and pees on the floor out of excitement (not good for showcasing a home) and doesn’t like loud noises or sudden movements. I don’t know a lot about her early history since I rescued her when she was 10 months old but these are the quirks she came with.

Knowing all these things, there is no way I could keep Lucy in my home while I was selling and showing it. Also, many people don’t appreciate a lovable canine’s enthusiasm for human love. What to do?

Luckily, we have a great relationship with a local doggy daycare so if I held an open house or scheduled showings, I would take Lucy there. Lucy is also crated when I’m out of the house for short periods. This is is an option if your canine family member is fine with being crated and having strange people in the house while you’re away. However, for Lucy this wouldn’t work. She’d bark…a lot!

So, if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market and have a dog, make sure you have an option like taking them with you, to a neighbor’s home, or a doggy daycare. If they are not good at mixing with other dogs, there are also some kennels in the area with private runs that will host your canine companion for a daily rate. There are also private dog sitters you can find on sites like Rover. We (Lucy and I) have a local daycare favorite, Dog Day Afternoon. Lucy goes there on a regular basis to get her playtime in. I also drop Lucy there when I have a long day of showing homes or attending meetings. Shannon and team take great care of Lucy and her canine pals. Plus, you don’t have to make a reservation and they do training and grooming too.

The key is to establish that solution well before you list your house so the process is as stress free as possible for you, your canine family member, and for potential buyers.

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